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  1. 1Dreamer

    Best Drug Seeker Stories

    Patient came to ER with multiple complaints(frequent flyer) every test imaginable completed with exception of exploratory surgery. All test negative. When told he was being discharged and no meds his response ( I know my rights. I have the right to be pain free and if you do not admit me and give me x amt. morphine I will sue you and this hospital." Pt. admitted and given x amt. of morphine.
  2. 1Dreamer

    Patient ratios.

    Just started working in ER and have found out that their staffing ratio is 9:1! Is this the norm? Thank you in advance for your advice.
  3. 1Dreamer

    Transitioning from ICU/PCU to ED

    Need advice on how best to transition from a nurse with ICU and Progressive care unit experience to Emergency. What tips can you give me that would make the transition smooth? I want to be an asset to my colleagues not a hindrance. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  4. 1Dreamer

    Peds travel to Fayetteville, NC

    CapeFear Valley is chaotic to say the least. One of the most disorganized hospitals I have ever worked. Fayetteville is called " Little Vietnam" because of the crime ate. I have been blessed to have never had a problem and majority of my co-workers have had no problems.The staff is very welcoming and helpful to Travel Nurses. You will meet many travel nurses there as we are about 50% of their staff. Keep a positive attitude,be friendly and keep repeating " I can do anything for three months."