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  1. Mouserabbit

    Applying to CRNA school in 2016

    Hey there... I am in the process applying for one CRNA school.. I am going to apply for more but My GRE is kinda low, I only made 304, but I have 4.0 GPA, 1.2 year ICU experience, I just passed my CCRN early this month.. I am worried that my GRE will become my biggest enemy... I have taken GRE twice and the scores are pretty similar, I just don't think I can improve much..Any advice regarding my chances? Thank you very much!
  2. Mouserabbit

    CCRN exam

    I just took the CCRN exam today and I passed with 100 questions out of 125. The exam is a little harder than what I anticipated since I did really well on the questions from "Pass CCRN". I have to say, some the questions are really easy and make me think there might be more than what the question is asking.. Definitely know all the CO/SVR/PAP/PAOP for all types of shock, heart failure, and know 12 lead EKG really well.. I do feel some questions are very basic knowledge testing but some do require a lot of thinking. Beside "Pass CCRN" book, AACN Essential of Critical Care Nursing" is also a great book to study for exam. I found "Pass CCRN" is very detailed and it can be overwhelmed sometimes. Good luck for all of you who are taking this exam in the future..
  3. Mouserabbit

    Is there a place for non-confrontational nurses in ICU?

    I don't like confrontation and I am in the same situation as you are... I often find myself not fitting in the group and being isolated from other aggressive ICU nurses. I often go home and feel angry or frustrated because i felt that i spent way more time dealing with personal conflict rather than concentrating all the time focus on patient care... I am still struggling right now... just may not be as bad used to be, or as bad when I first started to work in ICU
  4. Mouserabbit

    NCSBN + Hurst Review

    I am using NCSBN as well, I have found few of questions have the right answer marked as wrong... so far, some of questions are just weird... I sometimes will get high 90s, sometimes I will get only 60s... very frustrating.
  5. Mouserabbit

    NCSBN + Hurst Review

    I am taking mine next week... Sorry to to hear that you did not pass especially you had such a high score on ATI, as well as such high GPA in nursing! How many questions did you have? Did you have a lot of SATA?