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  1. wifilpn1

    Sort of new Home health LVN..need advice asap.

    Go to your nurse case manger and explain what you need. If that does not work, then make an appointment with your DON. Protect your license at all cost. This is serious, home health is just as serious as hospital. You technically should have had one to two years of med/surg before going into home health. Find something in addition to what you are doing. I know the market for new nurses is really hard right now. Contact me and I can give you an agency name that can quite possibly give you what you need.
  2. wifilpn1

    NV NCLEX applicant that was denied in CA

    I wish you nothing but success with this.
  3. wifilpn1

    Renewal fees NM board

    I think you are mistaken, but I am due to renew in the next 90 days and it is $100 US. Contact the state board of nurse for clarification. If you need the email or phone number google NMSBON.