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Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Internal Med
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Princearies26 has 5 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Internal Med.

Nursing school 2 more years, stna and now multi-tech.

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  1. Princearies26

    Renal/Vascular help-New Tech to unit

    gotcha but no I work directly for Mount Carmel health system at Saint Ann's
  2. Princearies26

    Renal/Vascular help-New Tech to unit

    not sure what u mean by Davita
  3. Princearies26

    Who actually likes nursing??

    I love nursing one because like Ms.Nightengale made it for it is to care and heal the sick or injured and whatever the case. In these days doc's, nurse etc have really forgotten the reason we became nurses and medical professionals. Money took over and I promised id always be a patient care nurse and human first. I love what I do and I honestly am a Proud Male Nurse who leads with his heart and not eyes, no matter what people are people. So, treat them like it :)
  4. Princearies26

    Renal/Vascular help-New Tech to unit

    Looking for some insight and in ohio at Mount Carmel Saint Ann's hospital I finally got in after 4 years and I am new to but I have all the skills to do it but just seeing if any nurses or tech's have any suggestions and advice.
  5. Princearies26

    Vascular/Renal as a Multi-Skilled Tech

    Hi, my name is Parris, I am a STNA but I got a job offer/ interview for a Multi-Skilled Tech position on a Vascular/Renal MIMCU and I wanted to ask what could I expect if I got hired or what to know when I interview because I have been applying for 3 years, even since nursing school and would really love some help? :) thank you all