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  1. Hi can you share the school where you got your deficiency plsssss email me ish_dot_me@yahoo.com Thankyou
  2. Hi.. I was hoping maybe you can share the school where you took your deficiency courses.. Thankyou.. Im just so desperate looking for schools
  3. ishes13

    Need advice for CA license

    Hello.. Im new here .. I was looking through all nurses .. I have zero idea on what to do.. I applied for ca license and asked to retake n medsurg.. In desperate.. Help pls
  4. Help help.. Any schools whwre i can take my ob and medsurg.. Pls pls.. Thanku
  5. Hi .,i have same case.. May i know what school you attended? Thanku
  6. Hi.. Im interested.. Pls put me on the list.. Mu nane is irish abd this is my email add ish_dot_me@yahoo.com or msg me 310 606 0998
  7. Im interested with fresno.. Pls can anybody give me info My email add is Ish_dot_me@yahoo.com
  8. Hi im also from los angeles.. Do u have new information for schools.. Thankyou
  9. Hello everyone.. I have also the same case.. Ive been really upset and been so depressed.. Im from los angeles.. I hope you guys can give me advce.. What will i do? Enrol? Where? Im sorry just sooo confused.. I will really appreciate your help guys.. Thankyou