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  1. FutureDiabetesRN

    Looking for help finding a diabetes preceptorship

    Carlotta, I also want to become a diabetes educator, but I found it impossible to get a job educating diabetic patients without some kind of poof of training in teaching patients with diabetes. This is why I have decided to get a masters degree. Also, having a masters degree in diabetes and experience doing diabetes education makes you eligible for the BC-ADM, which is considered a step above a CDE. please feel free to ask any other questions you have. FutureDiabetesRN
  2. FutureDiabetesRN

    Looking for help finding a diabetes preceptorship

    sorry double post!
  3. FutureDiabetesRN

    Looking for help finding a diabetes preceptorship

    Dessertflower100, I have really liked the coursework so far. The teachers were very helpful and the class content encourages you to learn and develop critical thinking skills. I have already learned so much! It also helps you develop skills in research. The classes I just finished were the intro class and my framework for nursing practice class which dealt mainly with nursing theories and their use in practice. Next semester I plan on taking ethics, diabetes pathophysiology and my first field experience course as long as I can find a preceptor. The field experience is divided into 100 hours a quarter. The quarters are 10 weeks long, so it works out to about 10 hours a week. I started out working full time, but I don't anymore, it is too much, I just didn't have any time. I plan to work registry so that I can keep my hours flexible. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  4. Hello everyone! I have been a long time visitor to this site, but this is my first post. I am an RN who is working on her MSN through Capella university. I am specializing in diabetes. This program requires what is known as field experience, which is basically a specialized internship or clinical based on your specialization. It requires you to chose a practice site and a preceptor for your experience. I am looking for help finding someone to precept me. My first field experience class is focused on the pathophysiology of diabetes and assessment of patients with diabetes. My school requires that my preceptor be an RN or PA that have at least a masters degree. I would also really like to work with someone who has a CDE or a BC-ADM because I would like one of these certifications in the future. I currently live in the Southern California area. Any help everyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, FutureDiabetesRN