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    MPH Program Online (Walden)

    I have been a nurse for about 6 years. After 5 years in an ICU, where I started as a new grad, I decided I wanted to do nursing outside of Acute Care and have been working a variety of jobs ever since. I have done a lot of volunteer work, both nationally and internationally, and I am very attracted to the field of Public Health. After researching programs, I have found Walden University and University of Arizona. Walden is due to get their CEPH accreditation in the Fall of '19 and UofA already has theirs. My question is, Walden is the more affordable option for me, and since they are due to get their accreditation will it look just as good when I'm done with school and looking for jobs that I graduated from Walden as it would graduating from UofA? Will potential future employers take my degree as seriously? Does anyone have experience with Walden?
  2. I am a new graduate BSN student, and I applied for a position in the new grad program at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, CA. Does anyone have any pointers for this hospital, as far as types of questions asked? I have had one interview for another hospital in the So. California area, and I did very poorly. Therefore, I am looking for any help or advice anyone may have, about this hospital in particular, or any first interview for a new grad position. Thank you!