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  1. if you have already had a TB test within the last few years do you still need to get one?
  2. abmccaskey

    SheltonState acceptance letters Fall 2015

    have you gotten a letter yet?
  3. abmccaskey

    Shelton State LPN Program

    theres a total of 221 150 - TEAS 30 - English 101 30 - Math 116 or higher 11- additional points
  4. abmccaskey

    Shelton State LPN Program

    thank you! good luck to you as well. my nerves are getting the best of, i really want this so im super axious
  5. abmccaskey

    Shelton State LPN Program

    I applied for both the ADN and LPN program at Shelton State for Fall 2015. Im not sure I will get into the ADN program but I'm pretty sure i will get into the LPN program, God willing. I made a 72% on the TEAS V and if I calculated correctly I should have about 160 total points as far as the LPN program is concerned. What is the cutoff score and when do acceptance letters go out?