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SRNAColumbia2015 has 2 years experience and specializes in ICU.

1.5 years NeuroSurgical ICU 1 Year Surgical/Trauma ICU

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  1. SRNAColumbia2015

    Preparing for CRNA School

    Keep you grades as high as possible (better than a 3.6). Do well in your core nursing classes and science classes. Take organic chem or bio chem. Get your one year of ICU experience (some require two) in the highest acuity facility in your area. As soon as you are eligible take your CCRN exam (one year of ICU experience is required). Take the GRE if the schools in your area require it. Shadow CRNAs that are Alumni from the schools in your area. Get good recommendations from former professors, physicians, or current CRNAs. Wright a great personal statement. Volunteer on an ambulance if possible in your area. Keep your debt down and start saving now. And Pray! I did it, and so can you. I start at Columbia University this Summer.
  2. SRNAColumbia2015

    How many times did you apply for CRNA school before being accepted?

    3 applications. I was accepted in the first round of applications.
  3. SRNAColumbia2015

    How old were you when you started CRNA school?

    I will start CRNA school this summer at 27. I'll have a little less than 3 years ICU experience.
  4. SRNAColumbia2015

    CRNA program acceptance questions

    Most schools want to see chemistry even more than Bio. Chemistry is a large part of understanding pharmacology. Statistics is also a class many programs look at. I was not the best student in undergrad or nursing but with strong recommendations, good clinical experience in an ICU (I had 1.5 years of NeuroSurgical ICU and .5 years of Surgical/Trauma ICU prior to acceptance) and CCRN.
  5. SRNAColumbia2015

    Columbia University CRNA 2013

    I applied to University of Maryland, UMDNJ and Columbia. I have 1.5 years of Neuro ICU and 0.5 years of SICU experience. Deposit deadline for Columbia is February 1, 2013, 4 pm eastern standard time. Good Luck to everyone on the wait list!
  6. SRNAColumbia2015

    How old were you when you started CRNA school?

    I'm 26 now, 27 in April and Starting at Columbia University in June
  7. SRNAColumbia2015

    Columbia University CRNA 2013

    I'm in! Class of 2015, Start 2013