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  1. hello guys, first off i just want to congradulate everyone on these posts who passed nclex's all nurses. Especially the ones who struggled with failing and didnt give up. I took my nclex for the third time today for my pn in princeton Nj. Im not doing so well and saw that these seemed like a good support group. I study very hard, i dont think i study the right way, and have had a learning disability since i was eight. Since I was 5 years old i wanted to be a nurse especially geriatrics its my favorite field, i adore it, and volunteer in my spare time. I started off as a CNA to pay for school, making it through the lpn prgram was a dream come true for me that i thought i could never accomplish r/t the fast pace. I graduated. After failing my nclex the first time i hired a tutor, I took it again in a few months and improved on content areas but still failed. I joined a feur nursing program for my third time even tho i knew i didnt have to until i failed 3 consecutive times. But after failing twice i actually asked my family to pay for it as a birthday gift bc i new it would help me pass. I walked in feeling so confident on saturday it shut down after 85 questions, my test consisted for alot of conference, priority, and as you all know s.a.t.a. I know that just because i got the last one wrong it doesnt mean i failed, but guys im so ******* scared to do the pearson vue trick bc i dont think i can handle another fail, im trying to think positive. And honestly i think i may have passed, but i also dont know, (im sure you all know the feeling.) i believe education is a privilege it sucks sometimes, but i work so hard and i want this so bad, and heres my question and please dont think im giving you some sob story im not, i just want an honest opinion. If i pass on my third time i will be the happiest 24 yearold in the world on monday, if i dont i dont know if i can handle the depression anymore. My family thinks im not cut out for nursing because they have to be smart, quick learners. my mother told me its disappointing her more that i actually study and fail vs. not applying myself and failing, basically saying im not bright. I have always been great at clinical, i didnt make errors and am a good nurse graduate, but if i fail 3 times after having a 30 hour refreshment course should i pick a different career. i want to check the pvt trick so bad but part of me needs to relax, the other part of me wants to see i passed and just see im a ******* nurse you know? if i dont make it this time, do you guys think patients and myself would be better off if i picked a different career. If i fail a third time, im gonna be depressed, ****** up in the head, and hysterical for a week, after i grieve, should i find something else, i feel like a ******* idiot and i dont even know if i passed yet, im not trying to be pessimistic, im hoping to pass, but preparing for a possible situation that may need a new plan. Does anyone have any advice? im sorry if i sound like a ***** i just i dont know if im smart enough for this, and im not saying that for attention, i just want a real opinion. thank you for reading this -ashley