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  1. dannibeeRN

    Am I able to get a raise once I get my BSN?

    It varies per facility. We get a 2% raise for BSN.
  2. dannibeeRN

    Do you overspend on luxury items as a nurse?

    Yes, I get paid well for what I do but no I don't go out and party like it's 1999. Wait...we've passed that year already. Anyhoo, I work too hard taking care of patients to see it all go to waste on extravagant things. My husband and I started following Dave Ramsey's money management philosophy a few years back and it changed the way we look at our finances. If we want something, we make sure it's in our budget. The only debt we have is my student loans (which I'm working OT to get rid of) and the mortgage on our new home. We also research the crap out of things before we actually buy it to make sure we get the best price. I am a super low maintenance person (hubby thanks me for this all the time) so I would rather put my money in my Roth IRA before I go out and buy an expensive purse or shoes. Moral of the story: live as far below your means as you can possibly stand without eating top ramen for dinner every night. Unless you're just into top ramen, then have at it!
  3. dannibeeRN

    What States Pay the Highest and Lowest Nursing Salaries

    Cali has also been good to me! My stats are the same as yours except I work 3 12s a week. I live very comfortably in the East Bay Area with my husband and kids. We close on a new house next week and my student loans are next on my "to do" list. It's unfortunate that some areas in the country don't match that area's current cost of living. We work hard at what we do and deserve to get compensated well for our efforts.
  4. dannibeeRN

    POLS 2311

    All the questions come from the book so read carefully.
  5. I became a CNA in 2000 during my summer break from the university I was attending at the time. The program was 3 months long and I didn't have to miss any of my college course work at all because of when I took the CNA course. I also worked in my university's housing office at the same time during weekends so I could afford my rent and other expenses. Is this a lot to juggle all at once? Definitely yes but it was so worth it.
  6. dannibeeRN

    Pill Cutter Cleaning

    Yes this solves the problem for crushing pills but not for cutting them in halves or fourths with a pill cutter. I think every patient should have their own pill cutter.
  7. Have you ever thought about taking a CNA course while you're saving up for nursing school? Working as a CNA will bring in solid money, give you lots of experience working with patients, and help you save money for your RN courses. Just a thought.
  8. Your mom sounds like all her funds are strapped with all those mouths she has to feed! Give your mom a break. You should focus on finding the cheapest program available in your area and work a part-time job (or full-time if you can wing it) and pay for school yourself.
  9. dannibeeRN

    Hollistic Health Assessment

    I am taking the class that starts on 2/29 also. Lets keep in touch!
  10. dannibeeRN

    Are You Nurse Jackie or Nurse Zoey?

    THIS was the part in the series where I knew Jackie was gone and couldn't be helped. Her addiction had totally consumed her. It gave me chills when she tricked her sponsor and turned her in to rehab so that she would stay out of Jackie's way. Nurse Jackie was a GREAT series but I wish each episode was longer than 30 mins. The drama and laughs were plentiful and I loved every minute of it!
  11. I had to leave the previous position because of the distance from my home and because I had no one to watch my kids at night (husband also worked nights). Because of these facts, I was eligible for unemployment benefits.
  12. I have been in your shoes and I took the best way out for my situation, I resigned. It was the best thing I have ever done because I was able to stay home for 8 months and be a stay at home mom and wife. I was able to collect unemployment and we were fine. At the end of my time off, I got hired at my dream job in the perfect location. Sometimes you just have to leap out on faith. Good luck to you.
  13. dannibeeRN

    New license expires a month later

    Is your birthday in January?
  14. dannibeeRN

    Can you talk some sense into me?

    Take the money...I mean...the new job. :)
  15. dannibeeRN

    I took the plunge...it feels weird

    Congratulations to you! Sometimes we just have to make that leap of faith decision. I made mine back in May. I left a job that was too far from my home. I had been working for that hospital system for 8 years but it was time for me to go. Fast forward to October. I got the job I had been waiting for (for years) at a very prestigious hospital system in my area and it pays $20 more an hour than my last gig! I absolutely love my new role and I wouldn't have been where I am now without leaping out on faith.
  16. dannibeeRN

    Going back to school at 30 to become a RN -- need advice!

    I say take the route that fits into your personal financial plan. Take the ADN route if you are trying to keep your education costs low and stay out of debt. I would, however, suggest you secure a job within a hospital system (CNA would probably be best) sometime before you start the program as that will help your chances of getting hired after you graduate. You will most likely have to return to school (online programs can take as little as 9 months) to get your BSN but at least you will already have a job to pay for it. Most employers want nurses to have their BSN nowadays, especially here in California. The hospital I work for is Magnet status and they will hire ADNs with but you have to sign an agreement to get your BSN by your 4 year work anniversary. Good luck to you!