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nurseKait has 5 years experience and specializes in ER.

B.S. Diagnostic Molecular Sciences B.S. Nursing part time MSN FNP student

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  1. nurseKait

    Drexel FNP MSN online 2016

    Hey Guys, Yes just registered for classes this morning. I have one contact from an old job who was in the program a few years ago, I will reach out to her and let you guys know what she says but from a mutual friend I got a kind of "overall a good program" type of answer from her. No other feedback or advice. If you guys are interested in starting a Facebook group outside of the drexelone dashboard forums I am sure we will all soon belong to, I will create it today. Will name it "Drexel University MSN FNP Online Sept '16 start" I think Sweet&Petite is right we all probably start on the same track at first. If you want to search and join just message me I can probably everyone an administrator. As of right now I work full time 36 hrs max/wk on a rotating schedule in the ER which means my boss is allowed to put me on back to back day to night shifts. He also does not let you just "drop" hours when you want to. So I am nervous about working full time but my only obligation outside of work and school is my boyfriend. I actually have an interview in the infusion center services dept for a part time work interview next week but that also makes me nervous d/t the hours dropping as low as 20/wk. side note* I live on the island of Kauai (born and raised on central coast of NJ) so the cost of living is outrageous. I wanted to avoid using my financial aid as much as possible.
  2. nurseKait

    Drexel FNP MSN online 2016

    Anyone else attending Drexel's MSN FNP online?