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  1. hello everyone i was accepted off of the alternate list. from what i understand, the school did things differently from last year. they sent out as many acceptances as they had spots and then waited until the response deadline (april 1st) to send out acceptances to people on the alternate list. they also said they expect to pull a lot more from the alternate list than they have in the past due to their new method so there is definitely hope for everyone on the alternate list! good luck to everyone! i hope the best for AN nation :)
  2. just got another email with more information about the interview day...anyone else??
  3. I'm also on the 14th but not sure which session. I haven't received a follow up email yet!
  4. Got an interview on the 14th!!!
  5. called today and got some news.. they set the interview dates to be the weekend of valentines day (supposedly they are doing 3 days in a row) and they should be sending out emails by the end of the month to notify people good luck to everyone!
  6. i finally got my transcripts today and just fed-ex them overnight... hopefully we'll get word soon! the waiting game is not very pleasant!
  7. good to know! i called a few times and didnt get through to anyone
  8. anyone thinking we may start hearing back starting tomorrow?
  9. That my application is under review and I will get a phone call or letter to let me know my status
  10. Anyone else get an email today?