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    Toot my own horn

  2. muni8708

    NCLEX PN- know whats on my test.

    Hey guys Congrats on passing the Nclex, what is the PVT trick ??
  3. muni8708

    Passed peds and maternity!

  4. muni8708

    Roll Call 2013?

    Mom of 1 Program : LPN School : Lincoln Tech Start date : Sept 2012 Length of program : 12 months Graduation date: October 2013 So happy to finally be in Nursing School, dream of mine for a while. Classes are compact and tons of info, you have to stay on top of everything else you will fall behind. Work is not so much as being hard it is just so much at once. I look at it as others have done it and passed so I should be able to as well.
  5. muni8708

    Mulitiple response question

    Thank you so much, I am going to try that
  6. I am about 4 weeks into the 2nd quarter. There is a lot more work a lot faster so handling everything is kinda stressful but I am handling it. One thing I cannot get the hang of is multiple response question in my fundamental class, does anyone have a tips or suggestions on how to get better with answering those type of question??
  7. muni8708

    Lincoln tech Paramus Nj

    Sbazile sorry for the late reply schools is so hectic and so much work and exams. Yes they are accredited. When do you start the program?
  8. muni8708

    Good luck Everyone startin Jan 7!

    Good luck go everyone starting today. You can do it !!!
  9. muni8708

    Lincoln tech Paramus Nj

    I know there were on a conditional accreditation that they next students that graduated in Aug 2012 a certain percent had to pass the Nclex for them to keep their accreditation. The program director before Christmas said they made that goal, so maybe that's why you don't see it. Maybe it has to be updated but I am going to check with them to be sure tomorrow
  10. muni8708

    Lincoln tech Paramus Nj

    I am pleased with the program. Finished the 1st quarter with 3 A's and a B so I am happy. As long as you put it in your mind that this is something you want and you study I think anyone can pass the classes but you have to have the drive and ambition.
  11. muni8708

    Lincoln tech Paramus Nj

    Hey Sbazile, yes the school is accredited. I am only in the 2nd quarter but students that have came back and talk to us have found jobs it.
  12. muni8708

    Lincoln tech Paramus Nj

    Hello, I am currently attending the Paramus location. I am about to complete my 1st quarter. I have Finals this coming week. This quarter has been a little disorganized because our schedules have to be changed a few time to make up time from Hurricane Sandy which is understandable. The director is very strict when it comes to having all your stuff in in time. I don't see it as a negative though, you are studying to become a professional and the real world is not full of excuses anyway. The instructors I have encounter so far have been good. A&P teacher is wonderful you will definitely learn from her you just have to pay attention and she has little things she does that helps you retain all the information. Fundamentals teachers as well knows her stuff touch cookie on the outside but just as willing to help as my other instructors. PA is one of the slower class because it is short don't put that class on the back burner though. The instructor is amazing as well and very open to help. 1st quarter I have not had any issues with any instructors I am sure by the time I get to 4th quarter I will be saying something else but my motto is that other students have came and graduated and nclex with the same teachers so I can too and when I get my license there will be difficult bosses to work with as well. In the classes you just have to make sure you read read read and if I did not mention read lol. 12 month LPN program is very intense so you might feel like they should be taking things slower but they really cannot there is no time to slow down. Overall I will say it is a good school to go to. I am coming for NY so the commute is tiring but for 1 year it will be okay. Hope this helps and If you have any other question just ask