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  1. InfirmiereJolie, while I appreciate your advice and your help, you have no right to judge me or my position. You have no idea what my living situation is like, and comparing my life experience to anyone else's is incorrect. I appreciate that other people wish they had family; however, that does not make the fact that I am not close to my family wrong.
  2. How am I supposed to know how many unemployed nurses are in my state?
  3. ccstudentpsychnurse

    Volunteering and honors program to look better to programs?

    Thank you all! :)
  4. So, everyone that I've talked to has said that volunteering in healthcare-related places and doing honors classes/being in the honors program (on top of having a good GPA) is necessary to look good to nursing programs, and set you apart from the others. What do you think? Is it worth my time? I feel like if I just have a 4.0 GPA and no volunteering in a hospital or honors classes/being in the honors program, they'll just pass me over and not accept me into the nursing program here at COC. Help? :)
  5. to blacksunflower- in CA yes, but you can talk to your financial aid counselor and ask them to adjust it to include off-campus room and board (they know the basic cost of living in the area, so they will know how much you'd actually need). And I'm utterly confused about the rest of the financial aid process, as my financial aid department keeps putting off meeting with me by not telling me the requirements in advance, so I missed the cutoff for financial aid this year (first appointment- they said I needed to fill out the FAFSA. so I did. second appointment- they said I needed to wait a week for the FAFSA to get to them. I did. third appointment- they said I need to come back next semester (in feb. 2013)) and they refused to counsel me on anything until next semester.
  6. Thank you all for your responses, especially from sadavey since you sound like you were in a similar situation that I'm in. I suppose I'll stay living at home for now, and just keep busy with school and part-time work (as a semi-related side note: as nurses, how bad do you think it is it to take 2-3 200mg caffeine pills a day to keep running?). I did all the math for verrrry basic living expenses here, and the amount over the time that I'd be in school is enormous, not even taking into account tuition and books, etc. I was considering getting a CNA certification and working at a local hospital... would a hospital hire me as an aid as a pre-nursing student, without any certification? Also, do any of you know any CNA certification programs within 100 miles of my area (Santa Clarita/Newhall, CA)? Sorry for all the scattered questions, I'm just trying to find work (I have been submitting to PT places recently) and I can't seem to make any progress since I have no certifications/licenses and no previous work experience. I'm usually pretty confused about the job hunting progress and things like that. Thank you all again for your help :)
  7. So, for various reasons, I do not wish to live at home with my mother anymore. Simply put, it's emotionally and mentally damaging to be living here. I'm 20, getting through my pre-reqs at my community college (COC in santa clarita) and planning on applying to the nursing program at COC (an associate's degree program), most likely doing the COC-CSUN ADN-BSN Concurrent Enrollment Nursing Program. I can't find a job, and I can't really work even part-time either because I have a lot of classes. Anyway, I can get a studio apartment around here at about $600/month and I'd only have basic living expenses like that rent and groceries and a very small cell phone bill, and miscellaneous other things. I am in a much better mental and emotional state when I'm not around my mother, and I truly believe that not living here anymore would help me out so much. I just can't finance it in any other way besides using federal/private student loans. I realize it adds up and student loans never go away, but nursing is a great, solid career that is always in demand, so I think it'd pay off to live off the loans right now when I can't afford anything else, and then pay them off later when I have a good nursing job (planning on going into psych nursing and eventually becoming a PMHNP). What do you guys think? Please let me know if I'm kidding myself. If it'd absolutely ruin my future, I could push through living the next few years with my mom, but I'll be miserable. Please give me your honest opinions, thank you :)