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    I am currently working as a RCC at Brookdale in memory care ALF. Being a RCC is NOTHING like being a regular LPN. It is not a fancy name for slingin meds. Most of the job is paper work, management of staff (caregivers, med aides). Making schedules, ordering supplies, dealing with families and potential move ins. There is a RN in some buildings.. who handle mostly the admit assesments... and quartly assessments. But EVERYTHING else is basically the RCC job. There is a lot of room to move up in the company if you want to stay administrative. But if you are more of a hands on type of nurse who likes to perform the skills learned in school.. this is not the job for you. It is high stress, and alot of work, with a lot of responsibility. I believe folks when they say the average shelf life for a RCC is about 1 year. I have been there for about 6 months and I am feeling the burn out. It is a VERY stressful job, but... I am in it for the long haul. I would like to be a ED one day.