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    Quandry...reporting abuse

    Since I have started nursing not so long ago my employers have had steps to follow regarding reporting which is report to the D.O.N. I feel like we are supposed to report to them rather than the appropriate agency. This has always been about family abuse not the facility. What do you do given these circumstances?
  2. I really appreciate it. I get cut short everytime I try to talk to the DON. I feel that I am expected to do and know it all. I like the idea of trying to talk to her again. The other job is full time though and this one is only pt which again doesn't help me learn the patients.
  3. Good evening fellow LPN's. First post - but hoping for some advice. As my first nursing job - I nabbed a position not too far from the house. I was told I would have 4 days orientation, but then a day disappeared. It actually turned out to be a day of training with all the interruptions in our training. Now I have been thrown out on the floor. I am on nights, so I am "trying" to do the med pass. But the "other nurse will be there [too]" that I was promised, has decided she is too busy texting and gabbing to answer any questions. I am scared with my lack of training and support that I will make a mistake on the meds and of course, things won't be able to get done in time. Also, they don't even identify which patients need crushed and there is no way of identifying the patients, except ask CNA's or go on the patient's word, but they are impaired. I am only very part time, so I am not there enough to learn them. I was hoping it would get better, and I am sure it would in time, but - I am afraid of what will happen in the meantime. I have been offered another position, but the place has a bad reputation (just like the one I am at), but they have promised four weeks of orientation, and evening hours (no med pass except narcs). So WWYD?