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  1. ladyklurker

    Why do some nurses "hate their jobs"?

    If properly staffed, led by managers who weren't delusional about a functional workload, speaking with polite families who didn't have a Google degree, not dealing with the "me first or I'll call the newspaper" client, and staff that had a work ethic.... If all this happened, I'd love my job. Because that's not real life, I'm counting down the months until retirement.
  2. I refused to do this after a sweet very cognitively impaired old lady cried all night because she was told her mother was dead. There wasn't anyone who would "report" me, as I worked nights with compassionate staff. Many a night that sweet old lady slept because I told her Mother would make oatmeal with raisins for breakfast.
  3. ladyklurker

    The Fifth Vital Sign

    I 100% agree to this. I do not understand pain scales and how they apply to me. I've lived with arthritic pain for over 25 years. I've taken every anti-inflammatory on the market. I've been puttering alone on Celebrex and Tylenol Arthritis until 2 years ago, when my back finally went. I've been a geriatric RN since the old days, before mechanical lifts and easily raised beds. My SI joint is shot, and no matter what the pain clinic has done, I still have pain that stops me cold. What number do I give? I keep going, no matter what. Does that make 8-9 unbelievable? i now take opioids, PRN, that help, kind of. A pain level of 8 is looked at askance when I've driven to my doctor, made small talk with his receptionist, laughed with his nurse, then grimaced and shifted my position repeatedly once the door closes and I'm alone. I DO think narcotics are over-prescribed, but I was YEARS before I agreed to take them. What's the answer? i manage at work because I'm busy and don't have time. I get home, however, and collapse into a fetal position and cry until the meds take effect. I just dont know.
  4. ladyklurker

    New Grad RN can't find a job

    I made myself more "attractive" to employers by applying to LTC facilities, and telling them that I'd work night shift. Had two offers in two days.
  5. as a night shift worker for almost my whole career, this ^^ has always irked me to no end. And holding mandatory meetings in the middle of my sleep day. Grrrr.