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  1. they want me to take psychiatric nursing both theory and clinical....
  2. and yeah im like trying to go back to school... to start nursing all over again (coz i really want to be a nurse but i blew it off (() but my problem now is i want to use my post GI bill... im enrolled in washburn university spring 2013 but the dean of nursing told me that my GI bill will not pay for the same degree i already have... i dont know if she is right about that.
  3. i wanted to take that 1 course but i cant find any school that will allow me to take just that 1 course... when i was stationed in alaska, ive asked University of alaska if i can take it but they wont allow me... and when we got here in kansas, i asked washburn university if i can take it but they said no too..
  4. Hello... this is my 1st thread/post in here... i always read posts but dont share information but now i really need some advice or help.... i graduated nursing in the philippines(2007) but didnt take the board. after graduation i migrated here in the US and didnt take nclex...(stupid of me). i pick the wrong direction and joined the army instead.. now im out of the army and want to continue my nursing... i applied nclex in california but got denied... they want me to take 1 course to be able to take the exam... ive asked some school if i can take that subj but nobody wont let me... now we moved here in Kansas and tried applying for the board but they said i need to retake the whole nursing program for me to take nclex because its been 5 years... anybody know any state with different rules from kansas?