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  1. murse55

    Loyola RN to BSN

    This post is geared towards anyone currently enrolled or has already completed Loyola University Chicago's RN to BSN program. I am curious as to how difficult it is to go full-time while working full-time. Also, how do you feel the program and faculty in regards to student support? I have a few options for attaining my BSN and I just want to make sure I pick the best decision to meet my personal needs. Thanks in advance!
  2. murse55

    New Grad in Rockford Hospitals?

    I am a recent new grad and work at one of the big three in Rockford. They hired me directly into the ICU (actually 2 of the hospitals offered me an ICU position). They start out at $24/hr plus shift diff. RMH has a residency program that lasts from 6 months to 1 year and they put you on a track to end in the area you wish to stay. I lucked out and got days (7 am to 7 pm 3 days a week). Good luck!