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    Denied CA lvn license for 2 DUI's

    Hi, I need some advice. I'm currently in an LVN program, half way through the program. For the 2nd half of the program we will be attending LA general hospital and I'm worried about passing the background check. I got in trouble a few times almost 4 years ago. I got a DUI, never convicted, they dropped the charges Wasn't over the .08 limit but I wasn't 21 yet. I got a stupid drinking in public ticket another time. And then another time, I was hanging out with some friends and one of the guys with us got in trouble for graffiti but because I was with them I got arrested too! I am so scared about not passing the background check and not being able to finish the program. I did my own background check with the DOJ and they mailed me my results. The DUI and the "vandalism" arrest shows up on my record. I know I need to disclose this but do you think this will stop me from passing the background check for clinicals or getting my license later? All of this stuff happened in 2008 and I haven't gotten in trouble since then. I learned my lesson as far as getting in trouble and all these things have me so worried. Any advice is greatly appreciated.