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  1. Why do some people choose to help others in need? What made you want to become a nurse? Was it to help others? Or just for the money? I'm just curious to hear what different people have to say....
  2. RainyDayParade22


    My facility has been doing TAVRs and I have seen both positive outcomes and not so positive outcomes. You do have to take into account that these patients are high risk anyway since they are not usually candidates for open heart surgery. There is a pretty extensive workup these patients have to go through to see if they even qualify for the TAVR. I work in the step down ICU, so I see these patients come out of the ICU and follow them until they are discharged home.
  3. RainyDayParade22

    Need advice: Phoenix Nursing Programs?

    I don't know what specifically you are looking for, but I am a cardiovascular RN in Mesa. I have been an RN for 5 years now and I really enjoy cardiac nursing. If you have any questions just let me know!
  4. RainyDayParade22

    telemetry vs med surge

    Yes, you do all of those same things, plus monitor the patient's rhythms and treat the cardiac aspect as well as the medical aspect. I started out on a tele med-surg and got my experience with managing drips and different types of heart rhythms. I wanted more cardiac focused patients, so I transferred to a specialty cardiac hospital. Now I work on a cardiovascular post-surgical unit. We care for patients who have had CABGs, lobectomies, AVR/MVRs, peripheral bypasses, etc. I love it, it is exactly the type of nursing I wanted to do. The nurse-pt ratio is 1:4-5, although rarely do we get thrown into 1:5, the management is excellent at trying to limit that as much as possible.
  5. RainyDayParade22

    A fib in the 40's??

    I admitted an 80 year old patient who had chronic afib, and came in because he was feeling "tired" and "not right". His heart rate was in the 20's, and it was afib! Surprisingly he was actually tolerating it quite well (he must have had great cardiac output!), but just seeing a HR in the 20's makes us nurses nervous. Needless to say, he earned himself a pacemaker.