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    Dear Family Members

    I work in a memory care unit...80 alzheimers/dementia residents. The families that slay me are the ones who are screaming at us about Mom/Dad losing their shoes/diamond rings/flushing teeth down the toilet. It's a dementia unit. Mom/Dad has alzheimers....it's our fault they flushed their dentures down the toilet?? Wrapped them up in a napkin and threw them away with dinner? Buried their ring in a potted plant or gave it to the lady down the hall?? I can try to keep an eye on personal possesions, but only to a certain limit. When I do pre-admit meetings I tell these families until I'm blue in the face "don't send Mom/Dad with anything that you don't want getting lost"....and yet they still send them with their original wedding bands or family heirloom jewelery...and then want to give us stink eye like we took it. Makes me a little mad. Or they want to blame you if Mom is tired, or doesn't recognize them...."ohh...you must have given them something that made them confused and sleepy". I understand an alzheimers diagnosis can be hard to take and it takes families time to cope...but sometimes you just want to shake them!!!!
  2. iliveiaminurse

    My Reasons For Avoiding The Acute Care Hospital

    You totally renewed my faith in the nursing field with that article!!! I myself am a relatively new nurse (will be three years post boards this August), and I feel I could have written that article as well!!! I bounced around different fields post college, but after earning my degree in developmental disabilities, I took a job as a caregiver for a group home of about 12 senior's with varying types of MR/psychiatric and behavioral issues. After about a year there, I was put in a class to be a "medication associate"...and that is where the bug hit. After getting married, moving to Pa, and working in an assisted living facility for 3 years, I decided to go back to nursing school...I was ready, mature, and knew this is what I wanted (and my company paid the WHOLE thing, included my liscence and boards). But long story semi short, I work in a locked down alzheimers/dementia unit. 80 residents all with varying stages but all diagnosed Alzheimers, including a handful on hospice services. It's assisted living...so we are not even close to even being at a skilled level (though...that is the direction we are heading with some new admits!!) but anyway...If I had a nickel for every person who scoffed at me, who told me that I was "throwing away my career"...I wouldn't have to work anymore!!! Here's the long and short of it...I'm happy!!! I did the whole surgery/catheters/blood draw "ohhh this is super cool" stuff in nursing school. If I have never have to flush a line or do PICC line care again, am I going to regret it for the rest of my life?? No. What I would regret is time with my residents. I have 80 grandmoms and grandpaps who may not recognize me everyday....but get me thru my day with a hug and and I Love You. yeah, i have the crazy families who get on my nerves...but the time to bond with them to the point that I had a family bring me thanksgiving dinner after finding out I couldn't travel home to see my family on the holiday. I work for a smallish company but that has great pay, amazzzing benefits, and GUARANTEED every other weekend and every other holiday off....yeah. In healthcare. On most nights I have two MA's to cover the med cart so I can get charting and what not done..and actually oversee the care of my patients (imagine that!!!) So I agree with the article...It takes all type of nurses to make the world go round!!!