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  1. CharlotteRN12

    Low Acuity Floors

    PP pts aren't always low acuity either. I'm not a pp nurse but our unit often has sick moms with insulin/heparin drips, mag, blood transfusions...ect. I think every unit just depends on the particular day. Even the healthy pp pts can be a lot of work. That "taking in" period can make them VERY needy
  2. CharlotteRN12

    This is what I want to do!!!!!

    Oncology nurses can be such a blessing to their pts and pts families! Congrats on being "born again"
  3. CharlotteRN12

    The best ways for a new grad to get in L&D???

    I don't think you have to do med surge but I'm very glad I did! I worked 7 months there and I was not miserable. I learned A LOT!!! It really helped me with time management, meds, assessments, and pathophys. The nurses on my L&D unit say nurses have a lot easier time on L & D if they come with at least some experience first.
  4. CharlotteRN12

    Stressed and overwhelmed!! New L&D nurse.

    I am also just eight weeks into my training on a VERY busy L&D unit. I feel like I am starting to "get it" finally. But my disclaimer is that every pt and their experience is different. So just when I think I'm finally feeling competent...something new happens and then I feel incompetent again. The nurses on my unit say it will take a good year to feel comfortable again. I am looking forward to that:) GOOD LUCK TO YOU! Hang in there:)