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  1. Rnactivist58

    Nurse Faculty Loan Program

    Read the fine print of this before you make any decisions...it should be spelled out in the agreement. My grant does not cover hospital teaching so be careful...
  2. Rnactivist58

    New to Nursing Education

    I would say think of things to engage them...for example if you teaching on diabetes..don't start the lecture with power points and facts...ask them if they know anyone who is a diabetic...what is life like for that person, what do they do that is different than any one else without the disease etc etc. Get them thinking!! If you have time and you have a series on the elderly patient...go to the dollar store..get cheap glasses and mittens. Wipe a thin layer of vaseline on the glasses and have them read fine print on a card...pick up pennies with 2 pairs of gloves on to get a feel for what it is like to be elderly and not function well....then start the lecture. If everyone can't do this pick a few students and let them tell what it feels like to have these "handicaps"...show them an insulin syringe..."now pretend your 75 and have poor eyesite"....and have to draw up daily insulin.....I know it takes more time but sometimes just a few simple things can make a difference and engage the students. Use humor when you can...I love nursetoons! sometimes putting them in can break up a long session. Try to use lots of stories....case studies.... Finally don't be a know it all...be honest..."that's a great question but I do not know"..."let me look that up or direct you to find the answer and report back to us"
  3. Rnactivist58

    Am I crazy to take a hospice job?

    take the job! I think Hospice is the total package of how every patient should be treated! there is a team effort to giving the very best care and everyone contributes...dietary, PT, OT, nursing, pastors and the MD. You will be an important part. Nurses help you when you are born and nurses are there for you when you die to make it a comfortable experience. If you remember that it will help you as you deal with the idea of someones impending death. good luck...I loved being a hospice nurse...
  4. Rnactivist58

    Hurrying death?

    Your patient is going to die regardless and it is much better for him to be comfortable than to have a miserable death. It is a catch 22 because we know the medicine may help speed up the dying process but I think it is cruel to expect someone to suffer when they dying. He will die regardless...you should give him the medicine as ordered and if that is not enough to keep him comfortable speak with the MD. they can order combinations some of which are non narcotic...dont forget turning and positioning and keeping him clean and dry with good oral care too.