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    My first day on L&D-I was so excited, I have wanted to be in this field for so long. I was so disappointed with how unprofessional my new coworkers are though. My preceptor talked about "some women's ******* smell" and "before a csection you have to shave the women who have big ******* bushes" and that was just a snippet of all the cursing I heard. And the eye rolling when women were experiencing pain or anxiety. One woman was having a hard time breastfeeding so the nurse just gave her a bottle of formula. I hope I do not become so jaded and crude. I am sad and now a little disheartened about this journey. Any thoughts?
  2. RN19802008

    Changing jobs

    I am a nurse who has worked in cardiac nursing for my whole career (5y). I just got a job on the perinatal unit- does anyone have any references they recommend to use to brush up on my obstetrics before I start? Thanks!