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    What's the weirdest thing management has said to you?

    That's crazy! However, it happens to SO many of us nurses! Where I work, we HAVE to clock out for our 30 min MANDATORY lunch breaks. However, we work through them -- and if we clock in ONE MINUTE early - we get written up! My 30 min breaks usually consist of me clocking out, setting an alarm on my phone, gulping something down WHILE working, then clocking back in. How much sense does THAT make? We're not ALLOWED to EVER write "No Lunch." Because then, they have to PAY us for that time - also, if we DO take our lunch, and get interrupted, we have to do a time-adjustment sheet, and take ANOTHER 30 minute break! Thus-if we end up taking another 30 minute break, we are behind an HOUR...and there IS no such thing as "allowed overtime." I think management needs to look long & hard at the rules they make & expect us to follow, the amount of work we're expected to complete, and how ridiculous they are making it on us!!! I would LOVE to have a lunch break -- a break away from the noise, complaints, etc. Just time to leave the building, sit in my car if I must, some ME time, to de-stress, actually EAT something instead of inhaling it, and to mentally REcharge!!! There HAS to be a solution -- but I don't think HR has an answer. They aren't the ones who hold their bladders, get blamed for God-knows-what, has time-sensitive medication passes to complete, staff conflicts to deal with, all while doing our best to give our patients the time THEY need & deserve!!!