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  1. shelladee98

    Nursing Research starting 2/24/14

    So today's OOH was pretty stressful and confusing. First off, there was no link for the OOH, and with the professor stating that OOH will open up at 1000, it didn't happen. On the DB's, practically everyone on there was griping about where the link was. Finally the link appeared, and people started joining OOH with audio off and on. The professor (honestly I don't even know who was speaking because of all the glitches) who was speaking was already going over #2b of the guidelines for critiquing a research article, and she was referring to an article that wasn't available for my section!!!! Talking about being lost, stressed, and confused?! She finally said towards the end that my section's article will be fixed and available as soon as possible, AND I had already started working on the prior article that was given. Wonderful. This class is overwhelming as it is. I keep telling myself that this is only a 5 week course, but it's gonna be a rough 5 weeks.
  2. shelladee98

    Nursing Research starting 2/24/14

    Finally got the email. A little overwhelmed and hoping I'll have a good group. Here goes nothing. Good luck to everyone taking this course!
  3. shelladee98

    Nursing Research starting 2/24/14

    Hi everyone! STILL haven't gotten a welcome letter from my coach just yet. Are any of you still waiting for an email from your coach?