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  1. skrytus

    Nurses Eating Their Young- A Different Perspective

    I am happy to read such great responses to a ridiculous rant. I am in my 3rd semester and have one more to go to finish my associates in RN. I have had the pleasure of learning from some wonderful mentors. These nurses in the class room and clinical sites taught me so much. I have also been with some that had the mentality of the person who wrote this. Maybe they are too removed from their psych classes to remember that stress blocks learning. Under the stress of nurses that like to eat their own it is near impossible to take everything in. Great mentors know this. There is nothing wrong with being demanding, that's the work of a nurse but having a morbid fear of our peers is not what nursing is all about. We nurture and care for people and at times that means being tough but it never means stripping people of their dignity. I am 55 years old (late career change) and this mentality never works in any area of life. Those that feel this is a good approach would do well to get some therapy because as one of my favorite mentors would say "that ain't right"
  2. skrytus

    You Don't Know You're . . . Beautiful?

    I agree totally, I just started nursing school a couple of weeks ago and I have a new appreciation for nurses. All of you are amazing! I just had no idea.