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NewGradCaliRN's Latest Activity

  1. NewGradCaliRN

    UCSD new grad or CNII Perinatal/NICU position

    Omg! Got the job offer today and quickly accepted. Good luck to everyone else still awaiting a call!
  2. NewGradCaliRN

    UCSD New Grad (FMCC/NICU/Perinatal Program) 2013

    Anyone else receive a call? I talked to them the other day and they said that they will make their final decisions tomorrow. Ahhh... Wait is literally killing me...
  3. NewGradCaliRN

    UCSD New Grad (FMCC/NICU/Perinatal Program) 2013

    I interviewed too on Monday and they said it would take till Mon, 12/17 for them to get back to everyone. I received the references link later in the day after the interview and sent them out the same day. Crossing my fingers for us all!