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    Maricopa Wait List Question

    My time stamp was 2/11/2011 8:03am and I got in for August 2013. I got my second choice of Gateway CC evening program. My first choice was Glendale Weekend but I am actually really happy I got in to Gateway. I really like the campus/staff so far. I just bought my text books because orientation is on 6/10/13. Wow $$$! But I am so excited to start class July 22nd!
  2. brinpitts

    ASU/Maricopa CEP Program

    Hi Twash10- Sorry I got your private message about gateway but I don't have enough threads to write a private message yet. I would LOVE any advise you have about block one. I am most nervous about the the amount of reading they talk about. Do you actually read it all? How do you retain it? Or do you just take notes, etc. I have also been told recording the lectures helps. You can write back here or privately but any advise or helpful tips would be so appriciated. You can also e-mail me at briannepitts6@gmail.com! THANK YOU!!!
  3. I just found out today I have been placed in the Gateway CC Evening program for end of July or early August start. I am excited to start the journey. My time stamp was 2/11/11 8:03am and Gateway was my 3rd of 3 choices, but I am thrilled none the less! Anyone else get placed in this program or currently in it now have some good advice or info? I am also wondering, Ebooks or old school text books??
  4. Sorry it took me so long to check back on my post. My time stamp is 2/4/2011 8:03am. What is yours?
  5. I really appreciate all of the comments. I am very lucky to have my family who babysits my daughter, the ability to cut hours at work, and a great supportive spouse so hopefully with all of these combined I can do it!
  6. Hello everyone, I have been on the wait list for the Maricopa Community College group for just about 2 years. If all goes well I do expect to start in August of 2013. I work with a few girls that are in the program now and have talked to them a bit. BUT, I would just like to hear from anyone who is in or has completed block one... Any advice? What was it like? Was it as acidemically hard as they say or is it more just making time to study? Is there a lot of homework or just more reading? I have a 6 month old at home and work. I plan to cut my work hours down when I start but I just want to try to prepare myself... Thanks to anyone who responds!!