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    Failed anatomy and physiology course...questioning my choices

    Dust yourself off. Retake the class. I had to retake that class too. It was a real eye opening experience. Best advice I got was to make flash cards. I did. I carried them with me everywhere. Anytime I had a few minutes of spare time, and I mean anytime, several times each day, I would review them. 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, really helped out. I took them to soccer games, when my family wasn't playing, I reviewed. I took them to BBQs you name it, my flash cards were with me! I have never considered myself a stupid person. I understand concepts without much review. I have never been one to study a lot. But for this class I had to modify my study habits. Don't just give up on this class. If you want to go anywhere in health care, you will need it. If you steer clear of health care, it won't hurt to have it.