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  1. Can anyone tell me if the continuing education requirements for the CDN have to be nephrology related, or can they be on any topic as long as they are from an approved site like the American Association of Critical Care Nursing? Thanks
  2. nurseREA

    Is turning the utrafiltration off ok?

    Thank you for the info! It has helped me understand it a little bit better.
  3. I know that if a person is crashing or cramping etc that it is acceptable to turn the uf off until the patient is stabilized then turn it back on. My question is can you leave the uf off for an extended amount of time without having any harmful effects or decreasing clearance? A lot of nurses that have many years experience say not to but there are doctors now that say it is ok. Can anyone explain the different reasonings for this?
  4. nurseREA

    Legal responsibility of RN

    So in my outpatient clinic, and I think that in most outpatient clinics, CCHT's are given the responsibility of the water room duties. All the nurse does is observe the chlorine checks every 4hrs. My question is if something was to happen in the water room and the CCHT made a mistake and the patients were harmed could the nurse's license be in jeopardy even though she was not in charge of the water? Is the nurse responsible for every single thing the CCHT does even if they are not in the water room with them? I know we have alarms and bypasses etc tp protect the patient's, I'm just wondering how much legal responsibility the CCHT has and the RN has for their actions.
  5. nurseREA


    So I work in chronics and I have a patient that came in with a sbp in the 80s asymptomatic. She had just been given a prescription for midodrine. I started her treatment and throughout the entire treatment her sbp was stable 110-120. It only dropped back down to the 80s after her treatment was completed and her blood returned. After a few minutes it came back up to 100. My question is why does the bp improve during dialysis?
  6. nurseREA

    Outpatient Renal Care RN Responsibilities

    Simply put, for me dialysis nursing is controlled chaos. Turnover can be crazy and you must be a master at multi tasking in order to get through your day. I always keep a list of things i need to do and then prioritize. You do have to supervise the techs, some closer than others, to make sure they are not cutting corners in order to save time. As the charge nurse if something goes wrong it is all on you. While dialysis nursing can be stressfull I find that it is also very fulfilling seeing the same pts 3 days a week. You become a part of their lives. I love knowing that I have such an impact on so many people's lives. Not only do you provide a life saving treatment but you also really get to know the pts and their families. Dialysis patients spend so much time together that they become a "family" and working there with them, for me, is a privilege. While dialysis nursing is not for everyone, if you can handle a fast pace environment and love interacting with patients i would recommend it.
  7. nurseREA

    Access Flow Measurement

    We use 2008T and start the treatment at BFR 300 until test is complete and then increase to their prescribed BFR.