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MidwifeAPRN219 has 3 years experience as a MSN, RN, APRN, CNM and specializes in CNM.

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  1. MidwifeAPRN219

    CNM Job Prospects?

    It can take a while to actually START your job, even if you get hired right away. Something not talked about a lot (prior to starting midwifery school) is that CREDENTIALING can take a while--depending on the facility (some take 2-3+ months). So while you may graduate, get a job, etc, it will still take a little to get credentialed. For me, I did not get a job at my clinical site--but they weren't looking as they just got new providers as I was in the midst of clinical. I did find a job shortly after graduating, but by the time I start, it will have been 7 months since graduation (part of that is because I am moving to a state that I have never held a license and it took a while for licensing to go through as well). A lot of people will find a job as long as they are willing to move!
  2. MidwifeAPRN219

    RN to NP endorsement from MI to Ohio

    Do you have your Ohio RN license yet? I am in a similar boat. I am waiting for my Ohio RN license so I can apply for my CNM license. I contacted someone for the APRN licensing about the pharmacology requirement on April 17 and did not hear back until April 24. I have read it can take forever to get your RN license.
  3. MidwifeAPRN219

    CNM Goal Statement Help!!

    Truly come from the heart. Write your plans for what you plan to do as a CNM.
  4. MidwifeAPRN219

    Frontier Bound hopeful this August!

    I received my acceptance letter today!! So excited!!!
  5. MidwifeAPRN219

    Philau Midwifery Program

    I ended up applying and getting accepted to Frontier.
  6. MidwifeAPRN219

    Frontier Bound hopeful this August!

    I've applied. Hope to be Frontier Bound in August!
  7. MidwifeAPRN219

    Philau Midwifery Program

    Does anyone here attend the Philau Midwifery Program? I'm trying to decide between applying to Frontier and Philau. I'm having a hard time finding student reviews of the Philau program. Thanks!
  8. MidwifeAPRN219

    GRU CNL PROGRAM 2016 admissions

    I really liked the program. You always hear about nursing programs that start out with a lot of students, only to graduate a few. This program truly wants you to succeed. I very much enjoyed the holistic point of view and the Evidence Based Practice that is the foundation of the program. They truly keep up with the evidence and teach the students EBP. The workload can be a lot at times, but it of course is manageable. Many of my classmates went through the program and have children (and some with large families...me being one of them). You will make amazing friends in the program. They become like family to you. Rely on each other and you will succeed. I really do feel like this program prepares you well. You get a lot of clinical hours. In your last semester, you are basically working as a full time nurse, under the supervision of a preceptor (on a 1 to 1 basis since you aren't licensed yet so you get a lot of experience in your last semester!). Many people get jobs in the area they had their practicum. I also feel like the program prepares you well for the NCLEX-RN. As for job outlook after graduation, many of us, including myself, received job offers PRIOR to graduation and if they didn't receive one prior to graduation, they received one shortly after if they were looking for one. I am a Staff Nurse in Obstetrics, which is the area I wanted. Nationwide, it's a hard area to get into as a new grad, but it can be especially hard since the program does not allow practicums in Obstetrics (you get a brief clinical rotation in OB). This isn't to say that our practicum areas weren't amazing areas. Many practicum areas are in the ICU and emergency rooms (including pediatric emergency room)...a lot of critical care areas are practicum choices. My other classmates have jobs in the Adult Emergency Department, Shock Trauma ICU, Medical ICU, Neuro ICU, Oncology, Cardiology unit, Med-surg units. Several of my classmates moved across the nation.
  9. MidwifeAPRN219

    GRU CNL PROGRAM 2016 admissions

    I was an Augusta campus student. Some classes and lectures will be online while other classes are done together. The Athens Campus and the Augusta campus had lectures together. There's an internet connection in the classrooms with cameras so that both campuses can be seen and taught at the same time. Some days professors in Augusta will teach, some days it will be Athens, and some days will be both Athens and Augusta professors teaching. The in-class lectures are taught at the same time, with the same content to both campuses. They make it so you can interact and talk to students at the other campus while in lecture. The Athens Campus does their clinical rotations and sim lab in Athens (or nearby). You don't come to Augusta for those.
  10. MidwifeAPRN219

    GRU CNL PROGRAM 2016 admissions

    If you are an Athens student, you will have to come to the Augusta campus a few times, such as for the White Coat Ceremony and Professionalism forum, CNL Poster Presentation, Pinning Ceremony, and Graduation. Augusta students never went to Athens campus. The class size in Athens is smaller vs the large class located in Augusta (though technically, you are one class). If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! I graduated from the CNL program this past December!
  11. MidwifeAPRN219

    Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNL): Where are they now?

    I just graduated from a direct entry CNL program. I work as a Staff Nurse in Obstetrics, and I procured that position prior to graduation. I, too, am working towards becoming a CNM. As I've worked in the OB field prior to starting nursing school/CNL program, I truly believe having both the CNL knowledge and being a CNM will be quite beneficial. There are few and far between CNL positions in OB which is where many hospitals need the change the most. I looked nationwide for CNL jobs in OB just out of curiosity, but I only found one and that was a temporary position. Because the OB floors need the change so desperately, having the knowledge of a CNL AND being a CNM gives a unique opportunity to help bring change to OB floors. I do think my CNL program prepared me well not only to be a nurse, but to be a leader and a proponent of Evidence Based Practice. A leader does not have to equate to management btw. My program did not expect us to go straight into CNL roles. They told us that it's best to get Staff Nurse experience prior to going into the CNL role. (Plus, many CNL job postings require being an experienced nurse). I do believe that even if you do not work directly as a CNL or even get the CNL certification that the knowledge you obtain during a CNL program can only benefit you in the future as a CNM. If you read the CNL white paper, the CNL is the epitome of what many midwives stand for!
  12. MidwifeAPRN219

    Starting nursing school with a 3 year old

    I completed an accelerated MSN (pre-licensure) program with 4 children...my youngest just turned 4 and my oldest is 8. My youngest was 2 when I started the program. Time management is essential for nursing school, especially if you have children. Be prepared to do your studying at night, once the kids are in bed. You can certainly do it! Two of my friends in nursing school also completed the program with 4 young children, and we had several other students with young children :-)
  13. MidwifeAPRN219

    L&D nurses - I need your help

    I agree with AWHONN.
  14. GRU has a satellite campus in Athens. They use the UGA campus.
  15. MidwifeAPRN219

    Nursing Watches

    Definitely go with cheap. My friend threw out a watch during clinical because there was no salvaging it after a patient's bowel movement got all over it.
  16. MidwifeAPRN219

    is it okay to buy littmann stethoscopes in Amazon?

    Littmann actually has a store on Amazon (which is where the one you linked is coming from). The seller is 3M Littmann. I've bought my Littmann stethoscopes from amazon. Work wonderfully!