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  1. summers_love

    Sacramento City College - NURSE 407

    Hello, Is anyone enrolled in this class this upcoming semester or have taken it before? I had a question about the book list. It shows: FUND.OF NURSING-EBOOKS ONLY PKG. ISBN 9780323236683 AUTHOR POTTER FA 2013 The cost of the package is $407. When I google the ISBN, nothing comes up, so I imagine its a custom made package for the SCC students in 407 only. However, when I google Fundamentals of Nursing Potter on amazon, the book comes up for $107.... HUGE difference in price here. Is the "special" SCC FA 2013 package really necessary or can I purchase HARDCOPY from amazon for $107? Thanks for any help anyone can give me that has been though NURSE 407 at SCC :)
  2. summers_love

    Take the TEAS one place? Take it again?

    Thank you so much for the great information !!
  3. summers_love

    Take the TEAS one place? Take it again?

    Hello, Sorry if this has been asked like 48734 times, but I was wondering if I take the TEAS one place to apply to one school, and another school that I wanted to apply for also requires the TEAS, do I have to take it AGAIN at that next location? Or is just one time taking the TEAS good , and then how long can I apply to schools before I have to take it again? Never? Thanks in advance for help on this :-)