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  1. Amro421

    Passed my first semester!!!!!!

    Yay!!! Me too! Im spending my break going over my ATI books for review.
  2. Amro421

    What to expect?

    Im going to study too! And study for finals, and you'll do fine!
  3. "Surprised? Yeah, me too! I thought it was Elf on a Shelf, not Elf on a Hospital Bed?!!"- Bad Elf
  4. Amro421

    Med-Surg ATI Comprehensive Final

    But how was the class? Important taking it next semester and need to know how to study.
  5. Amro421

    What to expect?

    Im beginning my 2nd semester which will include Ob and Med-Surg. Im on Christmas break and want to prepare. Is there anything I should know or read? Also, what to expect this upcoming semester?
  6. Amro421

    Am I making the right decision?!!

    Options, options, options!!! Thanks for the input!
  7. Amro421

    Am I making the right decision?!!

    How long did it take you?
  8. Amro421

    Am I making the right decision?!!

    Thanks for the advice and extra boost of confidence! Lol
  9. Amro421

    What's wrong with me?!!

    So, I just finished my 1st semester of nursing school and to say the least it was a semester filled with many emotions. One minute I was up, the next I was down. Then I became anxious, couldn't concentrate and then I felt depressed like no one in my household understood what I was going through. I have 6 yr. Old Twin girls so, in my mind I should be able to handle any and everything and I could until Nursing School! Many of my classmates are on different meds ranging from Prozac to Adderall. Im finally.going to the doctor and going to ask her to "fix" me with whatever medicine possible. However, I've been researching and I haven't found anything that is a combo drug that could help me with Anxiety and my Moods. Do any of you professionals have any suggestions? I like to go to the Drs prepared with a lists of things to ask lol. Family History- my younger sister was diagnosed bi-polar in high school. She's a senior in college and still taking everything from Lithium to Adderall. I just fear I will end up on a ton of meds like her so I haven't talked to anyone about my feelings.
  10. Amro421

    Am I making the right decision?!!

    Thank you
  11. Amro421

    Am I making the right decision?!!

    Im about 8 credits away from an Associate of Science but due to clinicals and life for the next two.semesters I wont be able to fulfill them until I graduate from the PN program. However, all my non-nursing courses will transfer to most schools in the state of SC. I believe Pharmacology is the only Nursing course that will transfer, but Im not sure.
  12. Amro421

    Am I making the right decision?!!

    Hello AN!, I just completed my first semester in my LPN program and graduate next August(hopefully lol). Once I graduate I wanted to work for a while and while working go back to school for my BSN, completely ignoring the ADN option because I want...no, will become a NP one day! I just really need to work and help out with my household but I also know if I stop, I won't go back. So am I going about school the right way or not? I need answers...Please! PN to BSN to MSN? Or PN to ADN to BSN to MSN?!
  13. Amro421

    Winter Break

    Funny because I can't seem to find anything to do besides sleep. My children are still in school until it lets out for Christmas break and my fiance works. So I've been sleeping since we let out last week. Im so used to studying I don't know what to do with my free time lol!