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    My Reasons For Avoiding The Acute Care Hospital

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I am a new grad and I have always wanted to be an NP at a women's clinic. I dislike hospitals also. Our personalities seem very similar. I received a job offer at a cataract surgery center and after working a day, I found it was really low stress. I also received a "volunteer" opportunity at an acute care hospital in which I would put in 240 hours of my time to undergo preceptorship and when I'm done, if there are positions available at the hospital and they "like" me, I "might" get hired. I am just thinking about my future and I know that working in a hospital would definitely look good on resume because I could probably land a job anywhere. I would also be making almost double what I'll be making if I worked at an ASC. What is causing my dilemma is that I dont know if I could take the "chance" of getting hired, especially if I have a job offer right now. I don't even want to work in a hospital, so why would I take a chance of being slave and then not get hired. If I could please have your advice and opinion I'd appreciate it!