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  1. garcherry725

    want to make the transition from hospital to school nurse

    Are the subs required to have their certification? Do you just apply to the school districts or to the individual schools? I currently work nightshift full time but will be going to days soon but I would love to get my foot in the door somewhere
  2. Hi everyone! I currently work on a postpartum unit. It's been almost 2 years now (on the unit and since graduation). I have my associates but working towards my bachelors. I've been trying to find out how to go about applying for school nurse positions ( in either grade, middle, high school or college settings ) in Pennsylvania but have had no luck so far. Any advice on where to start or how to apply/find positions? I live by the Lehigh Valley area, so closer to the NE side of PA. Thanks for any tips!
  3. garcherry725

    New school Nurse, Struggling!!

    How did you go about finding a position at a college in the health dept?
  4. garcherry725

    VA New Grad Residency

    Hi sweetest_nurse, How did you find out about the nurse residency program and how did you apply? I've been looking under usajobs.gov and haven't been able to find anything
  5. Hi fireball78, For the group interview, is it just that-an interview? or do they have you show clinical skills as well? The email says the interview takes about 3 hours??
  6. garcherry725

    Phoenix Children's GAPP for new grads 2014

    I think there used to be a separate application for GAPP, but I remember coming across a post on their facebook page answering a question from someone in regards to applying. I'm assuming the person who replied was from HR, but replied something along the lines of not applying directly to the program anymore, but to apply to any position that doesn't require experience. For instance, I was on their site a few weeks ago looking at positions and came across one where the requirements said all was needed was to have graduated from an accredited nursing program.
  7. garcherry725

    University Medical Center, Tucson New Grad- any updates?

    I was also interested in apply to UMC once I graduate in May. When you applied, is there a specific program new grads apply to or is it to any opening?
  8. garcherry725

    Jobs in Tucson/Phoenix area for new grad

    Thanks! Yea I am definitely going to continue on with for my BSN. I'm starting to look at online programs and schools in my area. Do you think hospitals out there will be more inclined to hire me knowing that I will/am taking BSN courses?
  9. garcherry725

    Jobs in Tucson/Phoenix area for new grad

    Hi Everyone! I have been sifting through posts on here about hospitals, jobs and new grad programs in Arizona, but it seems like everything I find has been from several years ago. Maybe I'm just not searching properly:unsure: Here's my situation... I currently live in PA and will be graduating May '14 from an ADN program. I am looking to move back to AZ (either Tucson or Phoenix area) but I feel so lost and don't know where to begin in finding jobs. I know the market is really tough right now, but my 'dream job' would be to work in NICU, L/D, Mother/baby, etc. I'd be willing to work in other departments as well. I'm even considering correctional nursing or reservations. I've looked on several hospital pages and can't really find too much on new grad programs or recruiter contact info. Any advice on what I should do, where to go, who to contact, who hires ADN grads? I'm on winter break now and want to start to get things organized because next semester is going to be soooo crazy. Any help is greatly appreciated!!