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  1. Nursing2014

    ABG interpretation

    Thank you Esme12!! Appreciate the worksheets!!! :)
  2. Nursing2014

    ABG interpretation

    This is a case study I am working on for Pharm. So it is hypothetical, but the potassium levels are normal (4.0). The patient in this study had aspergillosis pneumonia. Thank you everyone for your helpful advice! :)
  3. Nursing2014

    ABG interpretation

    Hello Everyone! I have a question and I am hopeful someone here can help me interpret this ABG: pH, 7.45; PCO2, 30; HCO3, 29; O2 Sat, 94% I think it is metabolic alkalosis, but would like to get some feed back to ensure I am in the right direction with this. Thanks in advance for your help in guiding me in the right direction!