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  1. It sure is... Wow! Thank you! I won't let this little setback ruin my dreams
  2. No, it's not what I wanted to hear. But it is what it is. It's not an issue at all to stop. It just made eating a lot easier for me. No they're not the only ways they're the most common ways for the surgery I have. There really isn't much I can do besides force myself to eat. I have the vertical sleeve so this is will be a forever life struggle type thing.
  3. Definitely. Thanks so much. I guess I was given false hope from RN's who are medicinal marijuana smokers and who still keep their jobs even with the hospital knowing. But yes, if it comes down to it I'll have to stop and just go back to drinking high calorie alcoholic beverages once a week to keep up my caloric intake otherwise I'll wither down to nothing. My surgeon said marijuana or the alcoholic beverages were the most common ways for bariatric patients to maintain their weight. Yay me.
  4. Thanks for your input!
  5. Very tricky. In the end if a positive test will ruin it for me I can just wait and apply in the fall. It was worth it to ask though. Thank you!
  6. They will be able to tell I'm a marijuana smoker by the way I act... hmmm...? That has got to be one of the most ignorant things someone has said to me. So what will tip someone off? Me doing a good job? Me speaking? Me smiling? Because I can't think of ANYTHING that will tip off anyone that I use medicinal marijuana unless I come into work stoned which if you read above is something I'm against. Just like how you don't go to work drunk, or on Vicodin. If you read correctly I said I HOPE I don't have to care for a judgmental patient but odds are I will have to because that's the way the world works. No, saying I'm an avid user was not a mistake on MY part. All I did was come here and ask a question... not have to deal with statements that I could care less about. Who are you to tell me I might not be able to handle stress? Who are you to judge me and say I might go use in my car, like I'm some dope fiend, between classes? NO ONE! That's for sure. So THANKS for your uhh advice and stories or whatever you were trying to tell me but I think I'll just pretend I never read this and ignore your reply that you will most likely post. PS. Just how you wouldn't want a marijuana user being your nurse, I wouldn't want a bipolar person on meds being MY nurse. To each their own, right?
  7. That's what I figured. I'm speaking to my future instructor first thing Monday because if passing the test ultimately decides my fate then I can wait and just apply in the spring for the fall program, NBD. If I got in once I can get in again with a few more recommended classes under my belt
  8. That's nice. I hope I don't have to care for a patient who is as judgmental as you. Win/win yay!
  9. I just got accepted into the LVN program at Mission College in California and I'm apparently getting drug tested next week. I'm an avid marijuana user. I don't use for my "anger problems" or "anxiety/stress"... I use because last August I had weight loss surgery which took out more than 80% of my stomach. I went from 220llbs to 105lbs in less than a year so I took up using to give me an appetite and help me maintain my new weight. Good enough reason for me and the doctor who gave me my legal cannabis card... So I'm wondering if they have grounds to deny me? My plan was to be honest from the beginning and let the instructors know a few days BEFORE the test but it's still in the back of my head. I've worked hard for this and they only accept 30 students out of hundreds so I am obviously qualified for it. I don't want my hard work to not pay off over a stupid urine test. They won't even find advil in my system, I don't take any other drugs, smoke cigarettes, even drink! (due to my small stomach). I also have a steady job, have a clean record with not one ticket. What do you guys think? and please don't be rude, I won't go to class stoned, drive or work stoned so I wouldn't be a nurse stoned either... Thanks for your time.