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    Army Nurse Corps FY2013

    Greetings everyone, I am an RN with almost 8 years experience. Some med/surg, a lot of case mgmt, presently working trauma/surgical ICU at a level 1 trauma center. We see everything here. I signed a 2 yr retention contract in exchange for my residency training to be qualified to take the CCRN. I not only have an interest in joining the ANC but I would like to attend CRNA school as well. The caveat, I am 39 years young, turning 40 in May. I would greatly appreciate some solid advice about my movements and how quickly I need to act. I reviewed the AMEDD website and noticed the age cut off is age 42. I have read some conflicting info about waivers, etc. I actually spoke with a recruiter and was advised that I could get a waiver. What do they review regarding waivers and what do they take into consideration. I will have my BSN within the next year as well. Please help because I really enjoy working in the ICU but my career goal has been pursuing CRNA. Any sound advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  2. traumaicurn73

    I got fired today...

    First, I am very sorry you lost your job. As a new nurse, that can be very discouraging. The key is learning from you mistakes. We all make them but paying close attention to MD orders are CRITICAL! If I have a doubt about a med order, I usually call the MD but if the MD is an intern (I work at a level 1 trauma center) I call the pharmacist. Typically if an order is modified for the same med and it's been administered already, I just give the new dose at the next time interval. Essentially, that's what should've hanppened here. All of this believe it or not will make you a better nurse. As for your preceptor, she should've been more prudent and reviewed the MAR with you. It would've have taken a few seconds and would've prevented this from happening. ...Stay encouraged and as a new grad...please have a drug reference book with you! I cannot stress this enough. Btw, I am an RN with 7 almost 8 years experience but the bulk of my experience was in case management. After being bored and a souring job market, I decided to go back to the bedside. I spent 11 months on a trauma med/surg unit and I was blessed to be hired in the trauma/surgical ICU. So essentially, I feel like a new grad. I am okay with that because it has humbled me to really learn and not be afraid to ask questions or look stupid. I feel I will be rewarded in the end and will become a better nurse overall. I think you should consider that, dust yourself off and try again..Peace and blessings to you!