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  1. I started my first semester of clinical this past fall. I was doing well initially because I was able to dedicate more time to studying. As the semester went on my grades became worse. Basically, I ran out of the money I had saved for the semester and had to work more to compensate. I didn't fail any exams but I made very low C's (78's) on my exams. This brought my average down to the lower 80's by the time finals came around this past week. We started the semester off in Lab where we learned the skills we would be using in the hospital. After four weeks of lab we moved into the clinical setting. Each week we had to write care plans, care maps, and diagnoses. I struggled a little with the paper work initially but as the semester progressed I became more efficient. I met with my clinical instructor for post-clinical follow up. She told me I was an excellent student and was looking forward to having me in her lecture class next semester (Pharm). I went into finals passing all my classes but bombed them miserably. I felt burnt out and detached. All the drive I had at the beginning of the semester was hard to find again. I studied for my finals but I clearly didn't study enough. I failed one class by .04% (76.96) and another by 1.2%(75.8). I haven't talked to my instructors yet but I plan to do something. I was thinking I'd either switch into Health Care Administration or Health Information Management since a lot of my credits (esp. all my Bio courses) transfer. I also was thinking of transferring to another school and go for my ADN with the hopes of getting on a RN-BSN fast track after graduation. Will ADN programs accept me if I failed out of a BSN program? I'm fully willing to start from scratch with nursing courses. I have all my pre-reqs covered too. Anyone have a similar experience? What did you do?