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  1. livingcj_RN

    Pensacola Area

    Hi klsm224! I too just graduated from a BSN program in May (from an out of state school). I moved to Pensacola immediately following graduation, passed my NCLEX and have applied to all the local hospitals, but haven't heard back from anyone yet. Just wondering if you have had any luck or any suggestions? Good luck in your search :)
  2. livingcj_RN

    Which state to take the NCLEX? Endorsement from VA to FL?

    I'm moving to the Pensacola area. I have also heard it is a really tough market for new grads. So frustrating! Thanks for the advice and good luck with your search!
  3. livingcj_RN

    Which state to take the NCLEX? Endorsement from VA to FL?

    Thank you all so much for your feedback! This helps a lot! :) I am going to apply for the FL license since that is where I will be living and working!
  4. Hi everyone, So I will be taking the NCLEX in May and I'm not sure which state to take it for. I am from Virginia (which is part of the compact), but I am planning on moving to Florida (not part of the compact) and trying to find a job there. I think I want to take it for the state of Virginia and then get it endorsed for Florida, but I am nervous that it will take too long to apply and get approved for Florida. Does anyone know how long this process takes for applying for a Florida license or if I can work with a Virginia license in Florida while I am applying for one? My boyfriend is in the military so I won't be working in Florida for more than 2 years (which is why I wouldn't just take it for Florida to begin with, and I think it will help to have a compact license in the long run). And I would like to apply for jobs/start working ASAP once I move so that's why I am nervous that it might take too long to get my license endorsed. Sorry if this is confusing, I am new to this process and have a tricky situation. Any advice would be great! Thanks so much!
  5. livingcj_RN

    Job Market in Pensacola, Florida

    Thanks so much for the quick response! Do you recommend applying for jobs prior to graduating or waiting until I pass NCLEX/have my RN license? I have contacted some hospitals HRs who say that it's too early to apply as I still have a semester left to finish. But I just don't want to miss out on any opportunities and would love to have a job lined up before I move down there (I currently go to school in VA).
  6. livingcj_RN

    Job Market in Pensacola, Florida

    So I will be a new graduate of a BSN program come May and am planning on moving to Pensacola. How is the current job market in the Pensacola area for new grads? Would I have a better chance at interviewing/getting a job at any particular hospital over another? Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated as I am just beginning my job search. Thanks!