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  1. Yes, it says in the manual that he'll get docked 10 points if he "jeopardizes patient saftey". He's had a meeting with his teacher and by what I can gather, she was saying that the LPN is mostly at fault - he's been through the courses, he knows the rules and that he should have checked to she if my husbands instructor was there to supervise.
  2. My husband is in his first semester of nursing school. During his clinicals today, the LPN gave him Meds to give to a patient. He gave the meds to the patient, and unfortunetly his instructor wasn't near by. He went to his instructor to inform her of what happend and she replied "You are not supposed to give meds without me being present". My husband is fearful they may kick him out of nursing school. Does anyone know what the policies, prodecures, course of action in a case like this? He gave the meds at the LPNs request, he was honest and went to his instructor to inform her. We are both nervous and scared.