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  1. norynne328

    NJ Endorsement

    Took me 4.5 weeks start to finish back in December. After two weeks, I called the NJ BON twice a week and NICELY introduced myself and said I was checking on the status of my application. I think after the fourth call they just wanted to get rid of me, so I got license number online like 30 minutes after my fourth call. Again, NICELY* is the key word. I worked in retail previously and yelling or being snarky will get you nowhere. Good luck! :) (edit - not saying/assuming you were being snarky! Just a general note)
  2. norynne328

    Ok I give up

    I'm in the same position, from the PA/NJ area. BSN and another bachelors. It's really discouraging. And extremely stressful with loan payments kicking in - yet no job in the field/degree the loans were taken out for. I'm trying to "keep the faith" but it's really quite hopeless. Good luck to you and all other new grads! Maybe we'll find something soon And ditto to this that someone said above me "I got a couple of rejections saying I don't have enough experience despite the job positing saying new grads are welcome to apply. "
  3. norynne328

    West Chester area new grad jobs?

    Just wanted to BUMP this topic and see if anyone has suggestions?
  4. @Brown-Hughes RN - thanks for your response. I've applied to a few SSU and PCU at einstein, but will look again and apply some more.
  5. @Brown-Hughes Do you have any idea what they're looking for? I've applied with a bsn to several positions at Einstein, including the positions titled NEW GRADS WELCOME. No luck.
  6. @snm568 - I applied for reciprocity in November/December. The part that took me the longest was waiting for my fingerprint card in the mail, then the fingerprinting place near me was booked for 1.5 weeks. From the time I submitted all my materials, I got my nj license in a little under 3 weeks. Persistence and friendliness is key! I called about twice a week nicely asking about the status of my application. Think they just got tired of me calling haha.
  7. I was in the same boat. I SWORE I had failed it. I felt so sick and cried my entire 45 minute drive home down the highway. Then I got home, cried some more, and went to sleep. But the next day I checked my state licensing verification site and I passed! Best of luck to you :)
  8. norynne328

    New Grads VA Hiring

    Hey kgg6, My local metropolitan area VA just had postings the week of Christmas for New-to-Practice (new grads) nurses for Med-surg and Behavioral health. No experience needed. The job postings for the two programs were posted and the application closed one week later. I do believe you need to be finished your BSN and having passed NCLEX to apply. I applied and my application went to the general US jobs and once they saw I met the qualifications, my application was referred over to my local VA. So right now my status is "referred". I know the VA hiring process can be lengthy so im just checking my status once a week or so and continuing my job hunt. Outside of specific new grad postings like this, the other VA postings I've seen have required experience.
  9. Nothing wrong with that email at all. My school also had strict dress code and if you showed up out of uniform/not in line with uniform policy you got sent home, had to pay a $200 fee, and had to make up that clinical day. Not that hard to just wear the proper attire
  10. norynne328

    West Chester area new grad jobs?

    Thank you, sirl! I appreciate it.
  11. norynne328

    West Chester area new grad jobs?

    Hello! Has anyone had any luck as a new grad applying to jobs at Chester County Hospital, Phoenixville Hospital, or other nearby hospitals? Any tips/suggestions? I'm not too familiar with the area but I have the opportunity to move to West Chester. I have my PA and NJ license. I have been applying to positions at those two hospitals and my application is rejected within hours if not 1 day. They are really quick with their rejections! But that is not a good thing haha
  12. norynne328

    Starting pay for an RN in south jersey?

    I'm wondering the same!
  13. Thanks for sharing your experience NLNM - I just graduated September and passed NCLEX early October. Like you said, everything I've come across the past several months requires experience. I'm just getting nervous with the lack of income and certainty
  14. Any new grads having luck in Philly?
  15. norynne328

    New Graduate RN's at CHOP

    @kelseykelsey4 Yes, the posting was only up for like 2 or 3 days the weekend before labor day weekend
  16. norynne328

    What Do I NEED to Know Before Clinicals?

    Like someone above said - ask questions! And show initiative. Don't stand around waiting to get "invited" by the nurse, respiratory therapist, etc. to observe a procedure . No harm in asking "Is it okay if I come observe?". The worst they can say is no! But by asking I learned a lot and had anesthesiologists walking me through the epidural process and open heart surgery, respiratory therapists teaching me about tracheostomies, nurses showing me some crazy wounds and how to debride them, etc... We had several people in clinical who always complained that they "never got to see anything". Just ask politely and without being obnoxious! Good luck with clinicals!