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andrew.youv has 5 years experience and specializes in Crit Care, Vent, Step-Down, Tele, Float.

Hello, and welcome to the Thunderdome. My name is Andy. I enjoy long walks on the beach and romantic dinners by the fireplace. I think "mahogany" is such a fantastic word. I manage a little bit. BSN, RN, CCRN, AG-ACNP in training.

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  1. Where are the jobs???

    Some tips that set you apart: Be sure to list that you are enrolled in a BSN program on your resume. Put a future graduation date on there along with your GPA. Place it with your other education stuff, many recruiters won't notice that you're not d...
  2. How many schools did you apply to?

    I researched 4-5 programs, went to information sessions, and ultimately focused on 1 and made sure my references were aware. The application process can be an stressful and time consuming, so make sure you know what is required and send in a complete...
  3. FNP vs. ACNP

    In many areas, FNPs work in several roles including acute care and ED. The consensus model is that there is to be a split with ACNPs working in acute care settings. When will this happen? Who knows. There is still (generally) a shortage of ACNPs,...
  4. PA vs NP school - Michigan

    Congratulations on wanting to continue your education! Being a nursing forum, many here would urge you to go the NP route, although I understand your sentiment about your state being more "PA friendly". Could you elaborate on why? Also, being on the...
  5. Preceptor needed in Houston, TX

    You could also try the NP forum as well as the Nurse Educator forum, however I suspect that you have already reached out. In your posts be sure not to simply ask for a preceptor, but sell yourself. Why would someone want to choose you? What makes y...
  6. Best RN job for FNP student?

    That sounds awesome! I'm also starting my FNP program in September, orientation is next week. I'm in my hospital's float pool, so I was able to schedule myself on weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun) 3x12). It seems like this will work for my clinical rotations...
  7. Hourly Rounding--pushing back

    I'm all for hourly rounding, but with that being said, it seems the definition of hourly rounding differs per organization. In some of the Magnet facilities I have toured, hourly rounding was a collaborative effort which included nursing, nursing as...
  8. Traveling RN Wants to Get BSN While On the Road

    I was a travel nurse and was able to complete my BSN online. Always look into your "home state", or your tax home if you're a traveler. Many schools offer BSN programs online that you are able to enroll at a much lower hometown discount. These are...
  9. Leave NYC or even NY if you can!!!

    NYC is a tough, tough, market. Keep applying and don't get your hopes down. Going out of state can be fulfilling, especially if you have your mind set on a specialty. If you're looking for areas close to NYC, Jersey has some fantastic hospitals (H...
  10. Sexy male scrubs

    I highly recommend finding a scrub that fits CLOSE to what you're looking for with good material, this portion is completely preferential and will likely force you to take a trip down to the scrub store to try on multiple sets. The key to look "styl...
  11. Scholarships for Men/Minority

    There are a few that I am aware of, a cursory search found this: Nurse scholarships - State nurse scholarships | Nursing scholarships, male nursing grants,Nursing Scholarships, Nursing grants,Male Nursing Scholarships I also would recommend speaking ...
  12. Any insight on Lenox Hill Hospital?

    Send me a PM. I'm a Tele/Step-Down/MS float so I can help with some questions if you haven't made your decision yet.
  13. Hofstra NP program

    I was accepted into the North Shore LIJ-Hofstra Graduate School of Nursing for the inaugural FNP program this Fall (2015) -- see information here. Key points: Clinical Placements by School (no need to find your own preceptors) Increased clinical hour...
  14. Best RN job for FNP student?

    Congrats on the new job! Just a general thought: How will this coincide with your FNP clinical rotations? Good luck!
  15. Work Schedule and School

    I'm aware that most NP students work in some capacity, and I am sure that everyone's experience varied in some way or another. Maybe you have kids, maybe you have familial priorities, maybe you're a better learner when you devote time fully to schoo...