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margin261 has 15 years experience and specializes in Urology, HH, med/Surg.

I've worked as a pharmacy tech, CNA, EMT, & LPN & RN

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  1. is there any hope for me to have this career?

    You give your age at the time of each DUI, (and as others have said, it will matter that there are 3 over such a long span) but you don't say how long ago that last one was from now. If you have gone through a treatment program & have been atten...
  2. Should drug diverters be prosecuted?

    This is a very thought provoking thread! A PP made an interesting point. Think about it this way- to be prosecuted criminally, there has to be a specific law broken- or at least one the courts are willing to prosecute. A nurse that diverts 1-2 perc...
  3. I hope you keep reading at least til you hear what I want to tell you-- and I promise, no high horse!! I understand your frustration. I worked med-surg for 1 1/2 years after RN school and, even though I learned a lot, it was bang your head frustratin...
  4. Need help making a decision

    Wow- that's a big pt load for hospice! Especially when you're seeing them more than once a week!! My pt load varies from about 11-13 pt; which is usually around 20-24 visits/week. And yes, call, especially during the week makes a big difference. If ...
  5. Need help making a decision

    I've done HH & am currently doing hospice. I enjoy the actual work of hospice so much more than I ever did HH. With HH I ended up having to chart at home every night and stayed stressed out all the time!! It does depend greatly on how many pts ...
  6. Relocating to HongKong

    This will probably be of no help to you regarding working in HK, but I spent 2 months there a few years ago & loved every minute there! Most everyone I came into contact with spoke English, or enough so that it was not a problem that I only kne...
  7. 7/30 This week, I learned Deanna Troi sucks

    I'm assuming that means you were naughty? What could sweet little you have possibly done?? And what does it mean? (Asking that for reals) Hang in there OC!!
  8. 7/30 This week, I learned Deanna Troi sucks

    Lol- I just assumed it was me doing something wrong!! I uninstalled & reinstalled and it's stll giving me crazy messages! Just as I was getting used to it!
  9. I have a kind, generous heart.

    For a minute there I thought you were giving out way too much information about a patient!! Glad I re-read & so glad you were at work when you arrested! Many good wishes on your continuing recovery! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. 7/30 This week, I learned Deanna Troi sucks

    Meanmaryjean- My heart goes out to you & I will keep you in my thoughts. My father passed away in January & I miss him everyday. My Dad was a main reason I went to nursing school. When I was an EMT, I worked in some not so great areas &...
  11. New Grad confused about stipend and 2 year contract.

    Hospital Corporation of America... Their facility in my area went bankrupt many years ago
  12. new school - Erudite Nursing Institute

    Moni24que- Please, by all means, continue your research into the school! No one here wants to crush your dream of becoming a nurse! You asked if anyone had information regarding this school. One person went so far as to send in an application & ...
  13. I worked as an EMT for about 7 years before going to nursing school. There are still days when I miss the excitement & rush of it! My best friend is a paramedic & has almost 30 yrs on the truck- she loves it but she does have regrets at time...
  14. How to handle Nursing school.

    Ok, you sound really motivated- which is good. But the reality of nursing school will be difficult for you if you don't cut yourself some slack on the 'perfectionism'. First of all, I don't remember ever being responsible for 1,000 pages of material...
  15. Seriously?? Small rant.

    Delaney- you've stumbled onto a topic that's been debated hotly, & extensively, on this site! Accidentally it seems. Since you're in nursing school, I'd like to give you a different perspective on this. And possibly explain why we (nurses) get so...