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  1. msubtt

    Wayne State University CRNA Interview for Fall 2015

    Hey NNN123 I got called yesterday too!
  2. msubtt

    New Grad. Want to work in the ICU

    Thank you all so much for the supportive comments. It seems like it's one of those things in life that if you work hard, and leave no stone unturned, than it is possible.
  3. msubtt

    New Grad. Want to work in the ICU

    Thanks for both of the thoughtful responses! I know that there will be lots of learning in ANY job for a new RN. I feel confident in my ability to be resilient and adapt to the challenges that await me. That's why I am trying to so hard to start in the area that I value the most.
  4. msubtt

    New Grad. Want to work in the ICU

    I appreciate all of the comments and understand the reasons for the divide in the topic. Do most of you feel it is too "steep" of a learning curve for new grads? Anywhere new grads are hired on they will have to go through a learning phase and adapt to that specialty, why not be it in a more critical care setting?
  5. Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out. I'd appreciate any feedback on getting a critical care job after graduation. I'm graduating in 2 weeks with my BSN. I had a 15 week externship in a Trauma ICU this summer. I have also been working in the critical care areas at that hospital as a tech since the externship ended. I am scheduled to become ACLS certified this week. I have all of my paperwork for NCLEX (that I can control) sent in to the state so that I can take the test as soon as possible after graduation. What other advice would you give to a new grad trying to get a critical care job? What worked well for you or what would have helped you out? Thanks again!