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  1. Failed NCLEX

    I had the exact same feeling as everyone here. Mine stopped at 75 questions in less than 2 hours. I had less than 20 SATAs and no drug calculation which worried me a lot. Cos i read somewhere here that majority got 30-40 SATAs when they stopped at 75...
  2. Passed NCLEX on the first try

  3. Passing the NCLEX RN on my first try

    My exam is fast approaching and I think this is the 5th time that i reread this post. I'm getting anxious by the minute and reading this calms me down a bit.
  4. Passing the NCLEX RN on my first try

    And kudos for self-reviewing!
  5. Passing the NCLEX RN on my first try

    Your post is such a big help! Congratulations! I'm taking mine a few days from now. Any advice on what i should do? And regarding the SATA questions, did any of yours ask s/sx coz i usually fall back on that :/
  6. NCLEX PN tomm at 10:30 am!! OMG!!! i hope i can sleep tonight

    Good luck! Praying for your success. You got this! :)
  7. Nclex-rn Hypothyroidism

    Thanks for the response everyone! I'll stick with hypotension.
  8. Nclex-rn Hypothyroidism

    Hi guys. Does hypothyroidism manifest hypertension or hypotension?
  9. can someone please explain how to solve this drug calc problem

    Yeah i got the same one. 3.75 ml.
  10. What's antoine?Are these the ones that came out in your exam?RN or LPN?
  11. need help with this dosage pls :(

    Oh great! Thank you! That was very re-assuring. Good luck on getting your RN title if you're still a student. I'm SURE you're gonna ace all the calculations on your exam.
  12. need help with this dosage pls :(

    Thank you SO much for your help! I get it now! :)
  13. need help with this dosage pls :(

    So should I just re-schedule my exam because I had trouble with this ONE question? :)
  14. Taking NCLEX-rn exam this Thursday...

    Best of luck to you! Taking mine Thursday next week. We can make it!
  15. need help with this dosage pls :(

    Apparently they moved my post to a different thread. Okay. Truth of the matter is I only created an account here so that someone could help me with this question. I've been lurking around for a few weeks in the NCLEX discussion board because I'm taki...