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  1. What is involved in DNP clinical?

    Thanks for your reply! That clears up a lot of information for me. I wouldn't be opposed to putting in hours doing something like this for a post-masters clinical, especially if I could use the facility where I already work. That's very interestin...
  2. What is involved in DNP clinical?

    Hey everyone! I am about to enter my final semester of my Masters-level PMHNP program. It has always been a goal of mine to obtain my doctorate. I was considering starting a DNP program after I graduated and got settled into my nurse practitioner j...
  3. Only one nurse on a psych unit

    I currently work per diem for a UHS facility, and I can tell you that's how our working conditions are, except we usually have closer to 20-25 patients.
  4. Feeling Frustrated with my PMHNP Program

    It's that time of the semester again, and I am feeling EXTREMELY frustrated and discouraged with my psychiatric NP program. I am only in my second semester, so I am still wading through the basics: research, general pharmacology, theory. I know tha...
  5. LPN equivalency

    I believe your permanent address must be in Arkansas to be a resident. In addition, I'm pretty sure the license is only valid in Arkansas if you take this route.
  6. Be honest, what pt behaviors do you find annoying?

    When I worked in LTC, I always joked that's some of my residents. didn't know how to yell any other word down the hall besides "HELP!!!!!!" It was always the same residents, AAOx4. I'd be at the other end of the hall passing meds, and I'd hear some...
  7. Should I take a job in Nursing home

    Yea my first job was in LTC and my orientation was two 8-hour shifts. A whole week of orientation sounds like heaven. And I made way less than $30 an hour...
  8. LPN equivalency

    I don't know why I thought you said Virginia lol! You're welcome. Yes, I would definitely contact the Vermont state board of nursing if I were you.
  9. LPN equivalency

    I'm not positive as to the answer to your question. However, I also live in Arkansas and I took this route as well. I took the LPN exam after finishing the first year of my RN program and worked during my last year of RN school. When I view my licens...
  10. Am I making a poor decision?

    Yes, I'm actively working on trying to get a PRN job at a psychiatric facility. Most of the want previous RN experience in psych, which is holding me back. I do have a psychiatrist and a PMHNP who are willing to precept me once my practicum rotat...
  11. Am I making a poor decision?

    Thanks. It also seems to me that psychiatry is seen by many as a field that anyone off the street can pursue and be successful in. Many people with certifications as FNPs want to know if they can work psych without any further education. In addition,...
  12. Am I making a poor decision?

    Thanks for responding. I know what your general opinion is regarding new grad RNs jumping straight into NP school. I was hoping you would respond to my post so I could get your input regarding my LPN experience. Y'all's comments are definitely d...
  13. Not working during nursing school?

    You can't judge the way someone treats their patients based on their views on the use of welfare. Nurses are usually pretty good at putting their views aside when they take care of their patients, at least the successful ones are. And Jules A seems t...
  14. Am I making a poor decision?

    [quote=Lev Thank you for your input. I always hear everyone say that you need to have RN experience in your chosen field before you start grad school, but I never hear anything about LPN experience. I need to stop worrying, but I guess I'm just a...
  15. Not working during nursing school?

    Jules is a mental health nurse practitioner. Pretty sure she/he values mental health.