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BlackBettyRN,OCN has 4 years experience and specializes in Oncology/StemCell Transplant; Psychiatry.

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  1. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    What is involved in DNP clinical?

    Thanks for your reply! That clears up a lot of information for me. I wouldn't be opposed to putting in hours doing something like this for a post-masters clinical, especially if I could use the facility where I already work. That's very interesting! Thanks for your help!!
  2. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    What is involved in DNP clinical?

    Hey everyone! I am about to enter my final semester of my Masters-level PMHNP program. It has always been a goal of mine to obtain my doctorate. I was considering starting a DNP program after I graduated and got settled into my nurse practitioner job. I have looked for information in several schools' course catalogs, and I cannot seem to really find much information about what is involved in the 500+ clinical hours most DNP programs require. I know they always mention a "capstone" or "quality improvement project," but they are never really clear what you are doing when you are obtaining these clinical hours. Is it similar to my master's degree clinical hours, where I am working with a physician (it seems odd, since I will already be working as an APN). Can anyone who has been through a post-masters DNP program tell me what is involved with obtaining clinical hours? Thanks in advance!
  3. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    Should I Stay Full-time While I'm in School?

    I am currently in my third and final year of my PMHNP program. I have maintained full-time employment (along with PRN employment at my other job) thus far. I am currently in my first practicum course, and it has been feasible so far. However, it is a summer course, and I only need 90 hours. Next semester, however, I am going to have to get in 270 hours of practicum, and I have had to find several co-workers to swap shifts with me so that I can do practicum 3 days a week and still work my 3-12 hour shifts. I have to stay full-time to keep my employer's tuition discount. I also assume that I will not be able to work my PRN job once the fall semester starts as well. In short, we do what we have to do. I have to maintain full-time employment to keep my tuition discount, pay my bills, and support my family. It certainly isn't ideal, and it is exhausting, but we do what we have to do to get by. If you don't "have" to work full-time, it is probably best for your grades and your mental health to no work full-time. But it is certainly not impossible. Hope this helps!!
  4. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    Transgender Patients

    When I use to work on a different inpatient psych unit, this actually became an ethical issue. The patient was born female, but identified as male. The patient had a diagnosis of BPD, and the psychiatrist was insistent that the patient's "gender dysphoria" was part of the mental illness. He didn't want us using male pronouns (which the patient preferred, and became enraged when referred to as a woman) so as not to "feed in to the patient's disillusion." He acted as though using the patient's preferred name and gender pronouns would be the same as feeding into a schizophrenic patient's hallucinations. We were eventually able to get a new psychiatrist for the patient who was supportive of his lifestyle and choices, but the whole experience made for some tense moments on the unit.
  5. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    Tips prior to starting DNP/FNP program!

    This was almost the exact method I had to endure while completing my final literature review for my research class this semester lol!
  6. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    Only one nurse on a psych unit

    I currently work per diem for a UHS facility, and I can tell you that's how our working conditions are, except we usually have closer to 20-25 patients.
  7. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    Feeling Frustrated with my PMHNP Program

    It's that time of the semester again, and I am feeling EXTREMELY frustrated and discouraged with my psychiatric NP program. I am only in my second semester, so I am still wading through the basics: research, general pharmacology, theory. I know that the stuff I am learning is foundational and I need to learn it, but I have all these wonderful, interesting psychiatry textbooks that I've purchased that I would give anything to read right now. However, I work two jobs and have a family, so I don't have the time to pursue the readings that I would actually enjoy because I am so burdened with "busy work." I love psychiatry, and I am sure that my program will get better once I finish the basic coursework and jump into my psych courses. I'm just tired and frustrated and bored! Does anyone else feel the way I do? Does anyone have any tips, advice, or words of wisdom for a frustrated NP student?
  8. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    LPN equivalency

    I believe your permanent address must be in Arkansas to be a resident. In addition, I'm pretty sure the license is only valid in Arkansas if you take this route.
  9. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    Question from a doc on NP education

    PsychGuy, Based on the courses you listed, I think I am in the exact same Psych NP school as you were. The curriculum is identical. Did you attend school in the southeast?
  10. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    New NP Residency program!!!! Any one need a job??? *nationwide*

    I believe that I read that the compensation would be 65K plus benefits.
  11. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    Arrest for pointing unloaded firearm

    I would fight it. That sounds like a freaking ridiculous charge. You should have fought the initial charge, as this sounds like something that should have never even gone to court, IMO.
  12. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    Who is working while completing NP?

    I work full-time, as well as PRN. However, my program is part-time. I have to maintain full-time employment in order to receive my employer's tuition discount. It's been difficult so far, but by no means unmanageable. I am doing well so far. I imagine I will cut my PRN hours once I start my practicum courses, as that will consume a large portion of my time, and I already have no life as it is.
  13. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    Nurse Practitioner Route: No RN Experience?

    Here's my advice, and you can take it for whatever it's worth: do whatever you feel is best for you. If you are a self-motivated student who goes above and beyond to learn, and you know that this is what you want, then just do it. Because the truth of the matter is, someone out there will always have a negative opinion of your choices. You can't please everyone. You go straight into APN school, and someone will tell you that you are too young and inexperienced to become a provider; you're barely a nurse! If you wait until you are an experienced RN, there will be someone else telling you that you are too set in your ways, you are stuck in "nurse mode", and you can't adapt to the provider role. You can't please everyone. You know what kind of student, learner, and nurse you are, so do what you feel is right.
  14. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    Be honest, what pt behaviors do you find annoying?

    When I worked in LTC, I always joked that's some of my residents. didn't know how to yell any other word down the hall besides "HELP!!!!!!" It was always the same residents, AAOx4. I'd be at the other end of the hall passing meds, and I'd hear someone yell "Help! HELP!!!!!" Of course I'd come sprinting down the hall to their room. "What's wrong, Mr. So-and-so?" And he'd say, "I dropped my cell phone," or "The TV isn't loud enough."
  15. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    Should I take a job in Nursing home

    Yea my first job was in LTC and my orientation was two 8-hour shifts. A whole week of orientation sounds like heaven. And I made way less than $30 an hour...
  16. BlackBettyRN,OCN

    LPN equivalency

    I don't know why I thought you said Virginia lol! You're welcome. Yes, I would definitely contact the Vermont state board of nursing if I were you.

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